Avoid Suffering Through Weight Loss Or Dieting

There is no reason why you should have to suffer to lose weight. I talk to people and listen to people all the time complaining about having to diet. If a person is suffering though their diet or weigh loss plan then there is going to be a problem with them losing weight and keeping it off.

If you are in a bad relationship with someone, then you end the relationship. If you hate your occupation, then you quit your job and find another one. The same goes for a diet or weight loss plan. But usually with a weight loss plan you just quit and don't find another one until you can't fit into any of your clothes. Then you start again. Hopefully not with the same one you quit before.

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A diet or weight loss plan is 60% mindset & 40% knowledge. One reason most people fail and quit is they don't write down why they need to eat healthy and lose weight. They don't seem to care that their health is at high risk for disease and they are going to cause pain and expense to their family, friends & loved ones. They don't care that they look fat and are fat. In order to succeed at something you need to have reasons for wanting it and a strong desire. It has to be a mission and a goal.

The other thing is it has to bring joy, not just at the end, but along the way too. You have to get rewarded in some way and feel good about your achievements. You have to see progress. Your desire has to be fed to keep on with your mission. It can not be a battle all along the way. The easier the path to your final goal, then the more likely you are of getting there. You need to tell yourself from the start that you will archive your goal and if you run into something undesirable along the way you will find the solution that will let you continue on until you reach your goal.

That is the mindset part that is so important.

Now you need to have the knowledge to archive your desire. There is way too many options when it comes to dieting and weight loss. Most of them are either unhealthy or just plain to hard for the average person to stick with for life. As I mentioned earlier, if it is too hard and you don't like it you will quit. I know I did quite a few times. There are a lot of diets that you can lose a lot of weight quickly and then you just stop them because you have lost enough weight and need to start eating the foods you loved so much and have missed having.

Studies have shown that these roller coaster diets are bad, because you end up gaining more than you lost quickly, and it is very unhealthy for your body. I can vouch for that. Studies have proved that slow and easy is the way to go, and that the people that lose weight this way are going to continue to lose weight and be at a healthy weight. I second those studies. I can vouch for that too.

So how do you eat healthy, lose weight, and enjoy it? It's simple with the right mindset and the right knowledge. Nutrition is not rocket science, unless you want it to be by reading every article and study on it. Everyone has their own opinion on what is right and what is wrong, what is good, and what is bad.

Reality is that most of the information out there all points in one direction. The other reality is every body is different. Be it age, sex, activity, or metabolism.

After over 20 years of trial and error and reading all the nutritional information, I decided to make it simple. So I said to myself, self, what causes weight loss? Answer, eating less calories than your body burns. What burns calories? Answer, exercise, muscle, and your metabolism. So the solution is to eat less calories and speed up the metabolism to the fastest speed possible without suffering. Now the things that make diets and weight loss plans so hard to stay with are exercise routines and starving to death, or having to not eat foods you love and crave.

So I had to figure out the solutions.

The solutions came to me but I had to try them to see if they worked and they did.

The solution to starving and not eating what I loved and craved was simple. Find substitutes or alternatives that I liked for those foods that were healthy, low calorie, and burned off quickly. That was fairly simple because there is thousands of healthy foods and snacks available. Then simply eat small amounts of them throughout the day every time my stomach told me it was time. The trick being to listen to my stomach, not my brain. Your brain will lie to you sometimes and tell you to eat, but your stomach makes noises and growls when you are truly hungry. The French are experts at this, they eat several small meals a day, and you don't see too many fat French people. You just have to have healthy snacks available at all times no matter where you are and where you go.

The exercise solution was the one I was worried about, but I knew I needed to build and tone my body and muscles, and aerobic exercise was not for me. I do like walks, but I knew that would not be a daily thing in the winter. I did not want big machines in my house either or join a gym, so I found a product that fits in a drawer, and it has 140 different strength exercises. So, I just started using it about 15-20 minutes a day. Perfect.

Was that enough? I have lost over 50 pounds this year so far. I think so. I did cheat a little though. I used a good appetite suppressant to help me not get hungry too much, and I did a colon cleanse, and do that every 3 months.

The appetite suppressant I just used for the first 3 months, it was just to help me through the beginning. The colon cleanse did wonders and is a necessity. Knowing about all the chemicals, additives, and pesticides in our foods it really speeds up the metabolism to rid your body of those. What a difference in the way I felt and the weight I was losing. Toxins weigh a lot, and really drain you of energy.

I still do eat some unhealthy foods, but very small proportions, and only occasionally. I am human, and don't want to be rude by turning down a piece of chocolate cake and ice cream, or a slice of pizza when that is what everyone else is eating at a party or function. I just start back on my routine the next day and I still end up losing weight that week.

The first month is the most difficult because you need to find out what your calorie intake should be for your age, sex, weight, and fitness level. You do this by going to my calorie needs calculator. Then you need to log every bite you take and every sip of fluids other than water. You need to find out what eating and drinking habits have the most calories, fats, and sugars. After a month of this you will know. Then all you have to do is find a alternative food or drink that you like and substitute that. Or just quit all together that food or drink. Your mindset should tell you that your health is more important than that food or drink and you will be able to live with that.

So to recap, goals and mindset, many small healthy snacks and meals, detox the healthy way with a natural colon cleanse product, 15 -20 minutes of a strength and body tone workout each day and maybe a little help to get started with the help of an good appetite suppressant.

This is a very simple and easy diet or weight loss plan that will more than likely work for you if others have failed.

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